What Happens In An Internet Minute? – 2014 – 04 – 23

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If you can remember back that far, think about the internet as it was in the 90′s. You know what I mean – AOL style dial up and the familiar happy announcement of ‘you’ve got mail!’ – IF your whining connection actually connected and you didn’t have to wait five more minutes. When you clicked on a link, you weren’t instantaneously connected to a new page – you had to wait. And when you hit ‘send’ on your email, it didn’t send instantaneously – you needed to sit there and wait to make sure it actually sent before you continued on with your browsing.

Now, that’s obviously not the case. Instantaneous is the speed that most of us expect, and mind-numbing amounts of data are crunched, sent, and received. But just how much stuff is happening on the internet? The handy infographic below takes a look at a minute in the existence of the internet. Some of the statistics are mind boggling, but moreover, I can’t wait to see what these numbers look like and what additions have been made in five or ten years! Keep reading to learn more!

What Happens in an Internet Minute?

(click the link above for a larger, easier to read version of the graphic!)

  • 639,800GB of global IP data transferred
  • 133 botnet infections
  • 6 new wikipedia articles published
  • 1,300 new mobile users
  • 20 new victims of identity theft
  • 204 million emails sent
  • 47,000 app downloads
  • $83,000 in Amazon sales
  • 61,141 hours of music are played on Pandora
  • 100 new LinkedIn accounts are created
  • 20 million photos are viewed on flickr; 3,000 photos are uploaded
  • 320 new Twitter accounts are created; 100,000 new tweets are sent
  • 277,000 Facebook logins; 6 million Facebook views
  • 2 million Google search queries are initiated
  • 30 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube; 1.3 million videos are viewed
  • Today, the number of networked devices equals the global population. By 2015 that number will be double the global population.
  • In 2015 it would take you 5 years to view all video crossing IP networks each second.


A ton can happen in 60 seconds. A conventional typist can compose give or take 80 words, the Wright siblings can make their chronicled first flight five times and Youtube clients transfer 72 hours of footage.

While online networking can make the feeling that the Internet is a residential community where everybody is associated and, generally, gets along (outside of decision season), the reality of the situation is an incredible inverse. The information exchanged on the Internet every moment by its about 2.4 billion worldwide clients is unfathomable and limitless.

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In one moment, email clients send 204 million messages, Amazon makes about $83,000 in online deals and Apple clients download 48,000 applications. On the social front, Facebook clients impart 2.46 million bits of substance, 277,000 tweets are tweeted and Tinder clients swipe left or right 416,667 times.

We’ve never seen a residential area truly like that.

The people at Domo have made an infographic enumerating a piece of the unfathomable measure of information the Internet produces every moment.


Sixty seconds would appear to be an irrelevant measure of time, yet when you take a gander at it as far as what amount of information is made, there’s a ton going on.

Just about two years back, we made an infographic to highlight exactly how much advanced information was produced consistently. The numbers were amazing.

As of late, we chose to return to the theme and found, as anyone might expect, that the pace of information creation kept on acceleraing. Our first infographic, for instance, demonstrated that Facebook clients imparted 684,478 bits of substance. Quick advance several years and that number has blasted to 2,460,000 pieces. Crazy.

There’s probably the increment in the Internet populace has had impact in information’s colossal development. Be that as it may, there’s something greater at play. New advances keep on emering that permit individuals to make and offer data in routes at no other time conceivable. These extra manifestations of offering are conveying a feeling of connectedness, increasing the value of individuals’ lives.

With all our information creation—clicks, preferences, tweets, photographs, blog entries, online transactions—our computerized information recounts a constraining anecdote about who we are and what we do. For individuals and business apparently equivalent, the way to making these computerized activities advantageous is to guarantee they and the information they make keep on improing our lives.

I don’t foresee the development of information backing off in my lifetime. There’s a lot of goodness to be mined from everything.

Weigh out what happens in a moment through our freshest infograp

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