SOAP acronym – Simple Object Access Protocol



As application developers, the ability to develop software and services for a wide range of platforms is a necessary skill, but not everyone uses the same language or platform and writing code to support them all is not feasible. If only there was a standard that allowed us to write code once and allow others to interact with it from their own software with ease. Well luckily there is… and it’s name is SOAP. (SOAP used to be an acronym which stood for Simple Object Access Protocol, but as of version 1.2 the protocol goes simply by the name SOAP.)

SOAP allows you to build interoperable software and allows others to take advantage of your software over a network. It defines rules for sending and receiving Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) such as the structure of the request and responses. Therefore, SOAP is not tied to any specific operating system or programming language. As that matters is someone can formulate and parse a SOAP message in their chosen language



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